Petty Harbour Photowalk

Published at March 24, 2009

Went with the Focal Play’n group on a photowalk of Petty Harbour on Sunday. Here are a few of my ‘keepers’ from the day. ...

The Rainbow Cake

Published at March 23, 2009

We spotted this cake on Omnomicon and Jen wanted one for her birthday. This was the trial run–it worked out OK with a few lessons learned. ...


Published at March 21, 2009

Got a new guppy yesterday, here he is hanging out with his new friends. (He’s the one with the orange tail)...

Jennifer with a Tree

Published at March 10, 2009

Here’s a portrait I did of Jennifer while we were out on Sunday....

Waterford River Waterfall

Published at March 9, 2009

A waterfall on the Waterford River trail from the end of Park Avenue....

MOO Business Cards

Published at March 6, 2009

My MOO Business Cards finally arrived today. They look and feel great!...

Jennifer at Quidi Vidi

Published at February 23, 2009

Jen and I went to Quidi Vidi lake yesterday to watch the birds and take some photos; this is one I got of her sitting on a bench....

Icy Branch

Published at February 5, 2009

Another one from Niagara Falls. I like the way the ice forms on everything....

Frozen Lamp Post

Published at February 3, 2009

Another one from Niagara Falls. The mist from the falls leaves everything with a significant coat of ice....

Casa Loma

Published at February 2, 2009


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