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Published at October 18, 2012

Here is the last of my Worldwide PhotoWalk shots for now. I think the yellows in the rust and the blue ship complement each other fairly well, and I like that the lensbaby blur let me de-emphasize the upper left part of the image. All in all, I liked using the lensbaby again, and I’ll have to dig it out more often....

Feather, Abandoned

Published at October 17, 2012

This is another photo from the Worldwide PhotoWalk. I saw this feather lying on the ground among a bunch of fallen leaves and thought it might work out. Again, it’s a lensbaby shot with a heavy vignette added in post....

Fallen Leaf

Published at October 16, 2012

My Worldwide PhotoWalk shots have now been edited down to three processed images that I’m reasonably happy with (and a few more that may get dusted off sometime in the future). I’m going to post them over the next few days. The first is a fallen maple leaf in a puddle, still clinging on to that last little bit of green....

Portrait of a Cat

Published at October 15, 2012

Saturday was the fifth annual World Wide PhotoWalk. I decided to shoot with a single lens for the walk (as opposed to switching back and forth), and decided that I’d break out the lensbaby for the first time in a long time. I figured I’d stick with a single aperture for the day as well, since changing the magnetic discs can be a pain. So, while I was figuring all this out at home, I took a few test shots and liked this one of Annie....

Hidden Falls

Published at July 20, 2012

This is ‘Hidden Falls’ in Sheave’s Cove. It is actually somewhat hidden, because despite the fact that you can see it from the parking area, we walked in the completely wrong direction at first. The second photo is a detail shot of the same waterfall–it’s more abstract than most of what I shoot, but for some reason I like it. ...

West Coast Lighthouses

Published at July 18, 2012

While on the West coast last week, we took one day and drove down past Port aux Basques and stopped in to see three separate lighthouses: Cape Ray, Cape Anguille (the most westerly point of the province), and Rose Blanche which was reconstructed with local stone from 1996-1999. ...

Piping Plover

Published at July 14, 2012

While out on the West coast of Newfoundland, Jen and I went to one of the few beaches where these little guys nest. They’re considered to be endangered in Canada, so the section of the beach where they nest is roped off in an effort to protect their nests and increase the population. ...

Coloured Sheds of Cavendish

Published at July 3, 2012

On Canada Day, Jen and I took a drive out around Green’s Harbour, Cavendish, etc. This is my take on the three coloured sheds out there....

Burton's Pond

Published at June 22, 2012

This is another infrared shot from the university campus. This one again has the red & blue channels swapped, and a slight adjustment to the hue to take some of the green out of the sky. I know there has been a lot of IR work here lately, but I hope to get some more visible light shots up here soon, with the occasional IR one thrown in here and there....

Ivy on Stone

Published at June 19, 2012

This is another infrared photo, again from the university campus on the way to my office. I was playing with some split toning on this one, with purple shadows and yellow/brown highlights....

Iceberg in Pouch Cove

Published at June 10, 2012

A few weeks ago we took a ride out to Pouch Cove to see the iceberg that was in the cove. ...

Experimenting with Infrared Again

Published at May 31, 2012

I pass these trees every day on the way to my office at MUN. When they started to get their leaves after the winter, I knew there had to be an infrared shot in the courtyard there somewhere, especially on a non-cloudy day. I took my IR camera with me the next nice day we had, and spent 15-20 minutes shooting around the courtyard. I like the results I got after swapping the red and blue channels so that the sky is blue and to put a little pink in the leaves....

Green Point Lighthouse

Published at April 23, 2012

On Saturday Jen and I took a drive out to the Bay Roberts area and hiked out to Green Point to see this lighthouse....

Icebergs in Quidi Vidi

Published at April 20, 2012

Jen and I went down to the gut Wednesday evening after work to see the two large icebergs that had come in. These ones are much more impressive than the flat sheets that have been around so far this year....

Rummy Nosed Tetra

Published at April 8, 2012

At the last Camera 35 meeting, Dave asked me if I had ever tried using extension tubes on the 100-400L. I hadn’t, but didn’t have a really good reason why other than I hadn’t thought to, so I figured that I should try. ?This was taken from around 4 feet away, with a 21mm extension tube–I’d say the combination worked pretty well....

Purple Sandpiper

Published at March 4, 2012

In what was the first time in ages, we went out to take a few photos today at Cape Spear. While we were there we came across a flock of birders gathered around watching these little guys....

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