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Published at November 15, 2008

This is Jennifer’s cat, Annie....


Published at November 11, 2008

This is a picture of Jennifer that I took today while we were watching the Remembrance Day parade....

More Quidi Vidi

Published at October 20, 2008

Another one from the Camera 35 outing this weekend....

Boats in Quidi Vidi

Published at October 19, 2008

This was taken during the Camera 35 outing this weekend....

Quebec Sunrise

Published at September 25, 2008

Sunrise, as seen from my hotel room window....


Published at September 1, 2008

This is my friend Lori, also taken during the trip to Freshwater Bay....

Freshwater Bay

Published at September 1, 2008

Here is a shot of Freshwater Bay, taken yesterday during an outing with some of the folks from Camera 35....

All Locked Up

Published at August 24, 2008

The first of my photos from Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk....

Ducks on a Rock

Published at August 13, 2008

The last of my shots from my walk around the lake during the Regatta on Firday....


Published at August 12, 2008

This duck was in Quidi Vidi Lake, shot during the Regatta on Friday....


Published at August 2, 2008

These photos are of the fish in my aquarium. I currently have 5 rummy-nose tetras, 2 juli corys, 2 otos, and 3 guppies. ...

Rock Climbing

Published at July 17, 2008

Tried rock climbing yesterday (after a few months of indoor climbing). Here is Mike climbing while Rhonda belays....

Downtown St. John's

Published at July 14, 2008

Also from this morning, a shot of downtown St. John’s, including the Basilica and The Rooms....

Fort Amherst Houses

Published at July 14, 2008

I was up early this morning, so I went to Signal Hill before work with the camera. Here’s a shot of the houses at Fort Amherst....

More Lilacs

Published at July 9, 2008

These lilacs were growing near the War Memorial....

Docked in the Harbour

Published at July 9, 2008

I took this one yesterday evening when Brian and I went to Harbourside Park and the War Memorial as the sun was setting....


Published at July 7, 2008

Summertime is here, and a can post pictures of flowers again....

Canada Day Fireworks

Published at July 2, 2008

My first attempt at photographing fireworks. I’ll likely try again on New Year’s and see if I can improve on the technique a bit....

A Quiet Morning at Quidi Vidi

Published at May 23, 2008

Wednesday morning, I woke up early and decided that the light outside looked good, so I got up and went to Quidi Vidi for about an hour or so before going to work. This was my favourite shot of the morning, with the lone person fishing off the wharf, my other keepers are below. ...

Iceberg Hunting on Signal Hill

Published at May 22, 2008

Monday was a nice day so I decided to go iceberg hunting on Signal Hill and see if I could get some good shots. ...

Quidi Vidi Under Fog

Published at May 14, 2008

Last week, a few of us went out in hunt of icebergs, as documented by Jon. The fog had rolled in, so the icebergs were barely visible, but I did get a shot of Quidi Vidi village covered in fog....

Iceberg Hunting in Pouch Cove

Published at May 13, 2008

The weekend before last, a group of people from Camera 35 went to Pouch Cove in hunt of icebergs. The lighting wasn’t great for the ‘bergs, but I got a few other shots that I liked from the trip. Pouch Cove Rusty Chain Iceberg Pouch Cove Wharf ...

Butterfly Exhibit

Published at April 12, 2008

I visited the butterfly exhibit in Bowring Park this morning and got a few decent shots....

Conception Harbour

Published at April 6, 2008

Yesterday I took a run out to Conception Harbour (as well as some other locations) with a few of the people from Camera 35. These are my keepers from that trip. Fishing Shed St. Anne’s Chruch Sunken Whaler Icelandic Harvester ...

Golden Squares

Published at April 2, 2008

This semester, Camera 35’s competition theme is “Shapes”. This is one of my entries for that. This was a section of a building wall in San Francisco’s Chinatown....

Cabot Tower

Published at February 26, 2008

Cabot Tower, taken on Sunday… man it was cold and windy up there....

River in Bowring Park

Published at February 17, 2008

This is the river leading into the duck pond in Bowring Park. A few more of the photos I took that day are below. River River Duck Pond ...

Lava Lamp

Published at February 13, 2008

The first photo of the new site. It’s my Lava Lamp, all warmed up and doing what it does best....

Welcome to GKH Photography

Published at February 13, 2008

Welcome to GKH Photography, my new photo blog. There’s not a lot of content here yet, but it’s a work in progress. I’m also not currently committing to any particular posting schedule–when I take photos, I’ll post them....

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