Macro Competition Entries

Last night was Camera 35’s ‘Macro & Close Up Photography’ competition. I had these shots in holding for a while now, but now that the competition is done I can post them here. While they didn’t score as well as I had hoped, I’m happy with the result of each of these three.

This is actually three shots of the same match at different points in it’s “life”, stitched together in post.

That guy is a Ramshorn Snail in my aquarium. It’s on the front glass and I fired a flash down through the snail–so you’re actually looking at the underside of it. This is also the most extreme macro I’ve taken, the snail is actually only 1-2mm across. I used Jen’s 100mm macro at 1:1 combined with a 25mm extension tube.

This is a leaf I picked up in Bowring Park. I dried and flattened it, then taped it to a window of an interior door. I fired a flash through the leaf to really bring out the contrast and detail of the veins and cell structure.

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