Published at June 15, 2009

I took this shot yesterday while in Bauline on a sports car tour. I like the texture of the peeling paint and weathered wood below it....

Waterfall in Stiles Cove

Published at June 15, 2009

Waterfall in Stiles Cove. To get this shot I had to halfway cross the river by hopping on rocks....

Shoe Cove

Published at June 14, 2009

Another shot from our outing yesterday morning. This was taking with my wide angle lens, and needed a bit of the Grad ND filter (in Lightroom) to bring the detail in the sky back out....

Queen's Battery Barracks

Published at June 3, 2009

Another shot from Monday afternoon. I like how saturated the sky turned out on this....

Jennifer at Blackhead Beach

Published at June 3, 2009

This is the first of my film shots from Monday afternoon. I still need to get my scanner calibrated because I had to mess with the exposure and colours on here to get it to look anything like the print....

Sarah &' Kyle

Published at June 2, 2009

Jen’s sister and friend are staying with us this week. We took yesterday afternoon off to show them some of the tourist sights around town. I was shooting mostly film (it’s getting developed today, hopfully there’ll be some keepers to post), but here is one I did on digital....

Bowring Park

Published at May 25, 2009

These shots were taken at Bowring Park Friday morning before work. I wanted to make sure that I successfully fixed the light leak issue with my AE-1, it was a complete success, and I got a couple of decent photos out of it. Now that I know my two older cameras are working fine, I might try some home darkroom stuff later on this summer. ...

Experimenting With Film

Published at May 19, 2009

I bought a couple of old film cameras this past weekend (a Canon AE-1 and an AV-1). I figured before I really used them, I should put a roll of cheap film through each of them to make sure they worked OK, the results of this test are below. I determined that the AE-1 has a pretty serious light leak (I suspect it’s at the hinge), it put red streaks through a bunch of the photos, and completely washed out a couple....

French Boule

Published at March 31, 2009

I’m trying the ‘Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day‘ thing. This is my second loaf from the first batch of dough; the first was too small, and I slashed too much–it ended up looking like a giant Hershey’s Kiss. ...

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