Henry’s Photowalk

April 11, 2011

This past weekend, Henry’s put off a photowalk through the downtown area of St. John’s, which a number of people I know participated in.

I wasn’t very motivated or inspired by my surroundings (I don’t care much for downtown St. John’s), so I figured I’d give my IR-converted camera a shot and just get something different. I made most of these a B&W treatment that’s more like a traditional IR image, instead of false colour that you often see these days.

Icy Duck

April 1, 2011

Icy Duck
This is a shot I took for the Camera 35 ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme. I wasn’t originally going to bother to post it anywhere, because I thought I could have done better, but just didn’t have the time or motivation at the time.
Well, the results came back for the competition last night and it took second place–so the judges must have liked it. Given the results, I figured that I’d toss it up here for the flickr community to see.