Macro Competition Entries

November 26, 2010

Last night was Camera 35’s ‘Macro & Close Up Photography’ competition. I had these shots in holding for a while now, but now that the competition is done I can post them here. While they didn’t score as well as I had hoped, I’m happy with the result of each of these three.

Life of a Match

This is actually three shots of the same match at different points in it’s “life”, stitched together in post.

Ramshorn Snail

That guy is a Ramshorn Snail in my aquarium. It’s on the front glass and I fired a flash down through the snail–so you’re actually looking at the underside of it. This is also the most extreme macro I’ve taken, the snail is actually only 1-2mm across. I used Jen’s 100mm macro at 1:1 combined with a 25mm extension tube.

Orange Leaf, Backlit

This is a leaf I picked up in Bowring Park. I dried and flattened it, then taped it to a window of an interior door. I fired a flash through the leaf to really bring out the contrast and detail of the veins and cell structure.


November 22, 2010

I took a lot of panoramic photos while on Skye; here’s another from the Quiraing.


The Old Man of Storr

November 15, 2010

The Old Man of Storr

I think this is the only photo I have of the old man that I left in colour.

Sunrise over Loch Caol

November 8, 2010

Sunrise over Loch Caol