Cape Bonavista

August 18, 2010

Two different perspectives on the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse.

Cape Bonavista

Cape Bonavista

Last of the Puffin Posts

August 15, 2010

Here are the last two puffin photos I’ll post from the trip to Elliston. The puffins are likely heading back out to sea soon, so I won’t have another chance to see them again until next year.

Pair of Puffins

Puffin Out

A Couple More Puffins

August 11, 2010

Another two puffin pictures. Getting close to the end of them now, only a few more left to post…

Atlantic Puffin

In Flight

More Puffins

August 10, 2010

Another couple of Puffin photos tonight.

Gathering Supplies

Oh, I'm just stretching my wings