Bowring Park

May 25, 2009

These shots were taken at Bowring Park Friday morning before work. I wanted to make sure that I successfully fixed the light leak issue with my AE-1, it was a complete success, and I got a couple of decent photos out of it. Now that I know my two older cameras are working fine, I might try some home darkroom stuff later on this summer.
Bowring Park Duck Pond Waterfall in Bowring Park Bowring Park Fountain with Rainbow Peter Pan Statue

Experimenting With Film

May 19, 2009

I bought a couple of old film cameras this past weekend (a Canon AE-1 and an AV-1). I figured before I really used them, I should put a roll of cheap film through each of them to make sure they worked OK, the results of this test are below.

I determined that the AE-1 has a pretty serious light leak (I suspect it’s at the hinge), it put red streaks through a bunch of the photos, and completely washed out a couple. I salvaged only one shot from that roll.

Posing on the BenchThis is the only shot in this post that’s been seriously edited–it was green and very washed out.

The AV-1 worked much better, which is good, because I tend to prefer aperture priority shooting. I just need more practice with the manual focus, etc.

Jennifer Old Boat Jennifer with the Old Boat